Online Auctions

THANK YOU to all who participated in Haystack’s online auction!
The auction raised over $6,000, which will benefit the school’s
scholarships and community programs.


Cynthia Bringle * Bill Brouillard * Tom Coleman * Chris Gustin
Karen Karnes * Bunny McBride * Nancee Meeker * David Nelson
Ted Randall * Charles Rothschild * David Shaner * Ann Stannard * Kurt Weiser

We are grateful to the thirteen extraordinary artists whose pieces were featured in this auction and to Barbara Haring, who donated works to Haystack, the collection from which this selection of ceramic works was chosen.

Since our founding in 1950, Haystack has helped to shape the field of contemporary craft. Each summer we bring together leading makers in the field with dynamic visiting artists, writers, scientists and musicians. The results of those interactions have had tremendous impact on how we think about craft, making and the creative process.

For those that have attended our end-of-session summer auction’s you know how important they are for the school.

The annual online auction is equally vital, and a wonderful way to show support for Haystack.

Featuring works by artists who have taught at or have a connection to Haystack via a donor the auction directly benefits the school, students,
and the campus studios.

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts’ March 2017 online auction featured ceramic pieces from the collection of Barbara Haring, a Blue Hill Peninsula and Florida potter, whose collection primarily consists of utilitarian ceramics from the 1970’s-80s and was donated to Haystack.

Background for this online auction:
Barbara has been a potter – spending part of her time on the Blue Hill Peninsula in Maine and in Florida – for decades. She acquired a fairly extensive pottery collection with, as she stated, “much enthusiasm and appreciation,” primarily in the mid- to late 70’s and early 80’s. Her studio partner was an apprentice to Mary Nyburg (back when Mary was still in Maryland) and she became acquainted with Haystack when visiting Mary, who had since moved to Deer Isle.

In 1974, by chance, Barbara met Karen Karnes and saw her work at a small show at the Bear Mountain Inn. She and her partner loved Karen’s salt glazed, lidded jars, and soon after meeting, visited her studio in Stony Point to see (and buy) more of Karen’s work. While there, Karen mentioned an upcoming pottery show at the Green Meadow School in Spring Valley. Not only did Barbara visit the annual event, she also had an opportunity to exhibit her own clay work, in the mid-l980’s.

Barbara shared the following” “Karen Karnes was also one of the organizers and curators of the annual show (still continuing) at the Old Church Art School in Demarest, NJ. Both Green Meadow and Old Church featured the work of well-known potters from around the country, as well as those just at the beginning of their careers, and were well attended, high energy events, where one could meet the potters and find an enormous variety of great pieces. Another opportunity that I had, early on, to explore the work of a number of top craftspeople was in 1978, when I spent five days at the American Crafts Council show then being held at the Rhinebeck Fair Grounds. I had ample time to visit all of the pottery booths for education, inspiration — and purchasing. Whenever possible, on our various visits to Maine, Colorado, California, England, and elsewhere, we visited potters’ studios and craft fairs and always found clay work we could not resist. Of course, we started collecting pottery without any thoughts of having a “collection.””

Exposure to many well-known potters at this, and other, events, influenced her developing work as a potter. Of her collection, Barbara also said, “We simply loved the work and wanted it around us. I am pleased it has been donated to Haystack, where it may be passed on to others who will enjoy it, and, at the same time, be of benefit to Haystack and its valuable educational mission.”

Thanks to Barbara Haring ’s generosity, we were able to share these wonderful pieces. Proceeds from this online auction benefit Haystack scholarships and community programs.

Summer Gala & Private Auction

Haystack’s 2017 Gala & Private Auction will be held on Friday, July 14.


2015 Gala attendees on the Haystack deckHaystack’s Gala & Private Auction is our biggest fund-raiser of the year, providing essential support for our scholarship and community programs. Each year we are able to give over 125 of our students from around the world full scholarships and fellowships to attend workshops. The event includes a catered reception and dinner at our award-winning campus, followed by a private auction featuring an
exciting combination of art and
goods and services. The generous
support of our sponsors, patrons,
underwriters, supporters, donors, staff,
trustees, and volunteers make the event
an enjoyable summer fundraiser.

End-of-Session Auctions

End of Session Auctions feature the work of Haystack faculty and students.

End of Session Auctions feature the work of Haystack faculty and students.

At the close of each Summer Session, students and faculty are invited to donate a piece of their work toward the End of Session Auction. Both live and silent, these auctions are held on the final Thursday of each session (Friday for session 6) in Gateway Auditorium on campus. End of Session Auctions are lively, fun, and full of great work. Proceeds benefit Haystack’s scholarship fund and studio improvements. Generous donations from faculty and workshop participants, as well as an engaging staff and audience, which include sessions participants, Island residents, and
summer visitors, all contribute to the
enjoyment and success of our
End of Session Auctions!

End of Session Auctions are free and open to the public.

A complete listing of end-of-session auction dates and times are listed in our Summer Evening Program Series brochure, which is available each spring, prior to the start of the summer season.