Haystack Residency 2013

Haystack’s retreat setting is an ideal environment for extended time and space to work, collaborate, and explore.

Haystack’s Open Studio Residency provides two weeks of studio time and an opportunity to work in a supportive community of makers. The program accommodates approximately 50 participants—from the craft field and other creative disciplines—who will have uninterrupted time to work in six studios studios (ceramics, fiber, graphics, iron, jewelry, and wood) to develop ideas and experiment in various media. Participants can choose to work in one particular studio or move among studios depending on the nature of their work. All of the studios will be staffed by technicians who can assist with projects. Please note that technicians will not be leading workshops. If you are interested in learning specific skills, you may want to apply to one of our workshops.

Haystack’s open studios and small scale foster a dynamic exchange of ideas among peers. The school’s fab lab will also be open, providing an opportunity for experimentation with digital fabrication as a way for residents to augment and complement their creative practices. In addition to open studios, there will be time for participants to share work and discuss ideas across disciplines. Residents include established and emerging artists working in a range of visual art and craft media. In addition, Haystack invites a smaller group of scientists, designers, and writers. Criteria include quality of work, the appropriateness of planned projects for Haystack’s studios, and ability to work in an intensive community.

The residency program is supported by Haystack’s Windgate Foundation Endowment for Programs.

Haystack is proud to be a member of Res Artis Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies.

Haystack is proud to be a member of Res Artis   Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies.

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