Annual AppealHaystack has established several endowments over the years to support students, programs, and facilities. Haystack’s scholarship endowment currently has 83 named funds. The school awards over 100 scholarships and fellowships annually for students to attend workshops.

A named scholarship can be created with a gift of $30,000 and provides tuition, room & board for a two-week workshop. A fellowship can be created with a gift of $40,000 and includes the addition of a travel stipend to offset the expense of travel to and from Deer Isle. Haystack is also able to work with donors to establish Current Year Scholarships for $1,555 each (2019 value), providing a student with tuition, room & board to attend a two-week workshop.

The scholarship program is supported through annual fund contributions,
end of session auctions, the summer Gala, grants, and our scholarship endowment.

Additionally, gifts to Haystack’s program endowment can support innovative projects, special programs for teens, symposia, and more.



“Receiving a monitorship (technical assistant) position at Haystack was the single most pivotal event in my life, shaping my path in becoming a potter. It is nice to be able to pass this gift on to others.”
Mark Bell


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