Open Door, first offered at Haystack in 1982, has become an important event for the school and the Maine arts community. This intensive fall session for Maine residents allows the chance to retreat and devote extended time to one’s work. All levels of students take part, from beginners to advanced professionals, each working in their own art forms or investigating other media. Open Door is traditionally held on Columbus Day weekend, making it Haystack’s annual season-ending program. This workshop, led by prominent craftmakers and visual artists – from Maine, the US, and beyond –  has become one of Maine’s best known professional development opportunities for working artists. Please Contact Haystack if you would like to be added to our mailing list and/or our email list for future news and mailings.

For participants 18 years or older and all skill levels – from beginners to advanced professionals – this program offers Maine residents* the opportunity for retreat and focus time.

*A Maine resident is someone who lives in Maine for more than half of the year.


2018 Open Door workshops and instructors:



Mike Rossi


Explore, Experiment, Extrapolate




Suze Lindsay


Stacked Forms-Going Vertical




Dee Clements


Hand Tufting




Shona Macdonald


Shimmering the Land




Tim McCreight


Knifemaking Made Simple




Alan Bradstreet


A Good Hat Flatters the Wearer




Leonore Hildebrandt


Playing with Words and Ideas



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