Island Workshop Day brings together over seventy participants for day-long workshops in Haystack’s studios. The program is in collaboration with the Healthy Island Project (HIP), Deer Isle. Haystack and HIP are working to foster participation in Island Workshop Day among individuals who are from Deer Isle/Stonington and Blue Hill Peninsula. We reserve slots for people who have not taken a workshop at Haystack’s fall or summer programs. Because of increased demand for this program, and to make it fair to all applicants, we use a lottery system to select participants.

2019 Island Workshop Day
Saturday, May 4


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The 2019 APPLICATION DEADLINE was Monday, April 8th


Blacksmithing – Jeff Toman
Playing with Shapes

Using basic traditional forging methods we will move hot steel to create simple projects that will leave you smiling at the end of the day. 


Book Making – Angel Simoneau
Between Art, Artist, and Inspiration

Bookmaking is an art form that caters to all other art mediums. Whether you work with water-colors, pen and ink, markers, or collage, the artist book will bind you and your art together. Inspired by the nature and influences around us, we will create two book structures; the Dos Si Dos and the Star Book. These books offer us a whole new world of creativity and wonder. 


Fiber – Holley Mead
Applique/Fabric Collage

Using colors, patterns, designs and textures of cloth for inspiration, we will spend the day machine and hand stitching. Plan to create your own picture from cloth pieces, which can be made into a pillow cover or pocket bag. Demonstrations will include machine applique’ and hand applique’ techniques.


Metal – Ellen Wieske
Hold the Line

We will work with black annealed steel wire, which closely resembles a graphite line you touch and move as you “draw”. Spend the day learning a few different ways to build an object with this inexpensive, versatile, accessible material. Whether your way of working is loose and expressive or tidy and precise, the unique voice of wire will yield easily to the personality of the hands holding it.  


Papercutting – Jennifer Morrow
Cut, Frame, Light

From traditional folk crafts to snowflakes to paper dolls to silhouettes, paper cutting has a rich history, and is also being used by contemporary artists such as Kara Wallker and Beatrice Coron. Starting with your own images, students will develop abstracted designs and learn how to cut them out of a variety of papers. After a morning of exercises and exploration, each student will develop a favorite design and create a backlit, wall-hanging piece. 


Wood – Renee Sewall
Does anyone know what time it is?

Using reclaimed wood, rocks, buttons, found objects, etc, we will create a whimsical wall clock.  Students will be introduced to basic power tools and will explore many different ways to fasten materials together.  No woodworking experience is necessary, just a desire to let yourself be creative.  All materials will be provided but feel free to bring anything you think you’d like to add to the mix.  By the end of class each student will walk away with a clock, some woodworking experience and the knowledge of what time it is.


Writing – Candice Stover
Finding Words Around the House:
   Writing on Our Walls, Windows, and Doors

What stays alive from where we live or have lived and how might words help us convey the spirit of these places? What doors to enter? What walls to encounter? What windows to see through– onto a page, into a poem, out loud and in the spaces of silence between? This workshop invites us to see how experiments with timed writing practice attending to one room or space might open poetry as architecture in another. We’ll draw some maps, read some poems, and give ourselves room to listen and write. How and where do we live now?

All skill levels, from beginner to professional, are welcome.

All participants must be at least 18 years of age and a resident* of one of the following: Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Deer Isle / Little Deer, Isle au Haut, Orland, Penobscot, Sargentville, Sedgwick, Stonington and Surry. 

This collaboration between Healthy Island Project and Haystack is supported by Haystack’s Maine Programs Endowment Fund.

*Maine resident – 
primary residence and for a least 6 months annually.


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