Island Workshop Day brings together over seventy participants for day-long workshops in Haystack’s studios. The program is in collaboration with the Healthy Island Project (HIP), Deer Isle. Haystack and HIP are working to foster participation in Island Workshop Day among individuals who are from Deer Isle/Stonington and Blue Hill Peninsula. We reserve slots for people who have not taken a workshop at Haystack’s fall or summer programs. Because of increased demand for this program, and to make it fair to all applicants, we use a lottery system to select participants.

Workshops that were offered in 2018


Making Simple Baskets with Simple Materials
Baskets – Lissa Hunter
Traditional basket making techniques are very simple but traditional materials can be difficult to find and to manipulate, especially in the beginning. We will learn a few important basketry techniques (twining, plaiting and a bit of spoke construction) using common and easily manipulated paper and twine. With any luck we will finish several projects and also get a grounding in some structures that will open the door to more complex basket projects.

A Day of Forging
Blacksmithing – Aaron Beck
Learn to forge in the blacksmithing shop. Students will be guided through basic hot forging techniques using steel stock. Demonstrations will be of a basic gate hook and two different types of staples. Participants will make several items by the day’s end and there will be plenty of time for experimentation. Closed toe shoes are required, and natural fiber clothing, leather gloves, and an apron helpful.

Sampler: Paper, Fiber, & Stitch
Fiber – Crystal Cawley
Traditional embroidered samplers displayed the makers’ repertoire of stitches and their design and lettering skills. This sampler workshop is a place to explore the possibilities of combining paper with textiles to create unique tactile work. Activities and demonstrations will include laminating paper and fabric together, how to adapt hand stitching for paper, spinning paper thread, and more as time and interest allow.

Experiments with Relief Printmaking
Graphics – David Wolfe
Using printing plates made of everyday materials, we will experiment with ways of printing relief images with and without a press. We’ll use cardboard, tape, string, cloth, sandpaper, and glue to construct our plates and print from them with multiple colors to create rich, unique images. Deer Isle can be the inspiration for our content.


Pattern and Form and Nature
Metals-Jeanne Paterak
Nature is all around us we only have to take time to observe and be inspired. Workshop participants will explore pattern using either cut paper, textured metal or found materials such as leaves to roll print patterns onto silver or copper. After a brief discussion and demo, students will spend the morning making patterned metal to make one or two completed pieces of jewelry by the end of the day. We will focus on the wrist and neck as powerful places to adorn the body and make either a cuff bracelet or pendant before proceeding to make a second piece.

Three Sheets to the Wind
Mixed Media / Wood – Julie Morringello
Fold, cut, stitch, tab, curve, pierce, score, drape….Using assortment of flexible sheet materials such as paper and thin plastics, students will be challenged to design and build a pendant light in one day. No special skills are required, other than a willingness to experiment with materials in an open-ended project. Each student will be supplied with an electrical lighting kit; basic wiring techniques will be covered.

The Color of Language
Writing – Betsy Scholl
The goal of this workshop is to play with language in that different way–its color and heft and sound–as a way of discovering what it has to tell us. We will read sample poems and look at how they are made, and then we will write from prompts designed to spark the imagination and surprise us with what we don’t know, or didn’t know we knew.

All skill levels, from beginner to professional, are welcome.

All participants must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of one of the following: Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Deer Isle / Little Deer, Isle au Haut, Orland, Penobscot, Sargentville, Sedgwick, Stonington and Surry. 

This collaboration between Healthy Island Project and Haystack is supported by Haystack’s Maine Programs Endowment Fund.


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