Island Workshop Day brings together sixty or more participants for day-long workshops in Haystack’s studios. The program is in collaboration with the Healthy Island Project (HIP), Deer Isle. Haystack and HIP are working to foster participation in Island Workshop Day among individuals who are from Deer Isle/Stonington and Blue Hill Peninsula. We reserve slots for people who have not taken a workshop at Haystack’s fall or summer programs. Because of increased demand for this program, and to make it fair to all applicants, we use a lottery system to select participants.


Pinching Functional Pots
Ceramics – Ingrid Bathe
In this workshop, students will learn the basic technique of pinching a pot. The techniques can be practiced to make more complicated forms of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are new to clay or not, your understanding and relationship to clay will deepen. Pinching a ball of clay into a form without the use of any tools but your hands, connects one to a long deep history of making pots out of clay.  Students will cultivate patience and the ability to stay present. All wet work will be completed the day of the workshop and fired into the soda kiln to be picked up at a later date.

Build a Box with Hand Tools

Wood – Joshua Klein
Have you wanted to try your hand at woodworking but have been intimidated by expensive and noisy machinery? Join furniture conservator, Joshua Klein, to learn the lost skills of working wood with hand tools. Each student will learn how to design and build accurately without measuring devices, how to prep boards with handsaws and hand-planes, and how to make joinery that will last hundreds of years.

Building a Language of Abstraction
Graphics – Gene Koch
Using ink and paper and other drawing materials, this class will explore ways of developing a familiarity with non-representational drawing. Rather than trying to transpose what we see to paper, we will look at the drawing surface as a vehicle for intuitive mark making and composition.

Put a Ring on It!

Metal – Claire Sanford
In this action-packed workshop you will be able to make two sterling silver band rings and wear them home. We will cover basics: sawing, filing and soldering and then play around with hammered textures and appliqué to make something really unique.  The workshop will cover all the supplies needed to make two silver rings. No previous experience required – just a willingness to work hard and have fun.

Kate Russell
Occupy Poetry
When do mere words on a page become a story? And how does that story come to life? Using poetry as a key to unlocking a performance, we will unpack and discover your own interpretations and inspirations to create a devised piece of theatre wholly unique to you. Theatre cannot exist without an audience. And if the performer cannot be moved, the audience will not be moved. Together we will explore archetypes, elements, sound, and movement to make the journey from page to stage and bring to life a world contained in just a few stanzas.

Marlinespike Fancy Work
Textiles – Tim Whitten
Mariners in days past referred to their intricate weaving, braiding and knotting of cordage simply as “Fancy Work”.  That type of craft was a decorative extension of the more practical skill set known as Marlinespike Seamanship, which pertained to all manner of splicing, rigging, and sailmaking. Tim Whitten owns and operates his gallery and studio, the Marlinespike Chandlery in Stonington, and is a master of Marlinespike Fancy Work. He will offer a workshop centered around the construction of a traditional bellrope. The bellrope served as a lanyard to assist in the ringing of the ships bell but they can frequently be seen in pubs, churches and aside entry doors as well. Making a bellrope will introduce class participants to several aspects of basic knotting and provide an introduction to the more complex forms of braiding and weaving that comprise the basis of Marlinespike Fancy Work.

Forging Garden Tools and Ornaments
Blacksmithing – Doug Wilson
Learn to forge steel in the blacksmithing shop and be guided through basic hot forging processes using solid steel stock. Participants will make several garden tools and whimsical garden stakes before the day’s end. Possible objects and demonstrations will include a weeding tool, hand cultivator, trowel, hoe, and ornamental stakes. Please come to the workshop with some rough sketches or photographs and a list of things you would like to make. Closed toe shoes are required.

All skill levels, from beginner to professional, are welcome.

This collaboration between Healthy Island Project and Haystack is supported by Haystack’s Maine Programs Endowment Fund.


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