Vision & Legacy: Celebrating the Architecture of Haystack celebrates the 50th anniversary of Haystack’s award-winning campus. Haystack—with Brynmorgen Press, Falmouth, Maine—published the book, which includes essays, images, and historical content. The cost is $30.00 (plus shipping & handling*). You may order Vision & Legacy: Celebrating the Architecture of Haystack, through or Contact Haystack.

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Order two or more of Haystack’s books and we’ll include a free copy of Discovery: Fifty Years of Craft Experience at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts –a collection of images and essays from former Haystack faculty and students– published in 2001 to celebrate the school’s 50th Anniversary.

Vision & Legacy: Celebrating the Architecture of Haystack

Excerpt from the Introduction:

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Haystack campus. Edward Larrabee Barnes’s design has influenced generations of architects, and the programs within our studios have influenced generations of artists. It has been a dynamic and complementary union of program and buildings. We wanted to recognize this occasion with reflections by people who have experienced these buildings from varied perspectives—from architects who envision how people will use space, to artists who teach and create in the spaces, to the workers who repair and rebuild the facility.

We have dedicated this book to two architects—Edward Larrabee Barnes (1915–2004) and David Cheever (1935–2003). Ed’s vision gave the school a whole new way to look at the world. David, who served for eighteen years on the Haystack board, instilled in us a sense of taking care of what we had. In this regard, vision and practicality go hand-in-hand. It’s much the same way with craft—our buildings and what goes on in them are telling the same creative story.

Stuart Kestenbaum

August 1960 Aerial view

Aerial view of the campus, c. 1960

“I’ve always been drawn to making things as simple as possible if you can do that without making them inhuman or dull or oppressive.”
Edward Larrabee Barnes, architect, 1989, speaking of Haystack during an interview for Architecture magazine.

Fiber and metals studios at night

Fiber and metals studios at night, c. 2004


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