Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Workshops at Haystack are open to anyone 18 and over. After the application deadline, a review committee meets to place students in workshops for the summer. Space in each studio is limited and selections are made based upon the need to maintain a diverse student body. Please keep in mind that answers to the questions on the application form are an important part of the review process. Focused applications tend to be more favorably received.

No. For each workshop we select a wide range of students from varied backgrounds and skill levels. Unless otherwise noted in the course descriptions, workshops are open to all students from beginners to advanced professionals.


Aside from travel costs, the main expenses for students attending Haystack are tuition, room & board, and materials fees. Materials expenses vary for each individual workshop. Students in glass or blacksmithing can typically expect to pay the most for materials.

Yes. Haystack has a competitive scholarship program which awards over 100 scholarships each year covering the cost of full tuition, room, and board. Recipients are responsible for paying travel, shop fees and materials costs.

After the application deadline, a review committee meets to select residents. Haystack scholarship recipients are selected by an independent review panel, which is comprised of a revolving group of distinguished professionals who work in a variety of artistic mediums. Applicants are notified of admission status approximately 3 weeks after the applications deadline.

For full details on the specific criteria for selection and the required application materials, please review the Scholarships page or the Scholarship Program section of our course catalog. The 2018 scholarship application deadline is March 1, 2018.

Yes. Applicants submit to the scholarship program. You may indicate more than one scholarship category and workshop choice on the application form. The 2018 scholarship application deadline is March 1, 2018

Yes. When completing your online application form, there is a place to indicate if you would like your application to be considered in the General workshop applicant pool if you are not selected for a scholarship – you will list your workshop choices on the application form.

General enrollment requires applicants to take full financial responsibility for all costs associated with general workshop enrollment (i.e. Tuition, Room & Board, Shop Fees, etc.).

Instructions on how to apply for general workshop consideration will follow after scholarship decisions are made. Note: If you do not receive a scholarship, no additional application fee is required in order to apply for general workshop enrollment.

Unless otherwise specified in the course description, only students applying for the Technical Assistant scholarships should submit images of their work when applying. Technical assistant applicants apply online via SlideRoom. Five images are required for technical assistant applicants. SlideRoom addresses file size requirements at SlideRoom Support.

Yes. General applicants may complete the application form in the printed catalog and mail (with a complete copy of application and additional materials, if required) to Haystack, or applicants can download a 2018 Summer Workshop Application Form  and email it to us at Please choose only one method to submit your application and materials—mail, email, or fax (when appropriate).

Haystack’s Open Studio Residency is open to anyone 18 and over. After the application deadline, a review committee meets to select residents. Space in each studio is limited and selections are made based upon the quality of work, the ability to work in an intensive community, and, if applicable, the nature and scope of work that will be done during the residency. Haystack residents are selected by an independent review panel, which is comprised of a revolving group of distinguished professionals who work in a variety of artistic mediums. Applicants are notified of admission status approximately 3 weeks after the applications deadline.

For more details please read the Open Studio Residency page on our website or the Residency Application Procedures and Selection Criteria section of our printed catalog. The application process opens January 1, 2018.

The $50 application fee, travel costs, and materials costs are the responsibility of the residency participant. There is no charge for tuition, room & board. Materials costs, payable at the conclusion of the residency, are the responsibility of the residency participant.

Yes, this guide is located on the SlideRoom website here: SlideRoom Support.

Yes, this guide is located on the SlideRoom website here: SlideRoom Support.

Yes, up to five images are required for all visual artists. SlideRoom addresses file size requirements at SlideRoom Support. There is also an opportunity for writers to submit a writing sample instead of images. If you work in another discipline please contact Haystack to see what would be most appropriate work sample to submit.

No. Letters of reference are submitted online. Applicants identify their recommenders online during the application process. The SlideRoom system emails recommenders an invitation to submit a reference, with a summary and a link to a private portal for adding the letter. This is merged with the completed application and everyone receives confirmation. Applicants should contact their recommenders early in the process to give ample time for submitting a reference. References MUST be submitted by the March 1 deadline.

No, Haystack provides shared studio spaces, so it is important for residents to be able to work in a supportive community setting. Residents should be self sufficient and able to work independently.

If you are collaborating on a project, individual application forms and supporting materials must be submitted by each collaborator. Each applicant will include the name(s) of all collaborators.

Housing will be assigned at random from among the various options. If you have particular physical needs, please note these on your application.

An application fee is required for the separate programs. For example, a $50 application fee accompanies an Open Studio Residency application and a separate $50 application fee accompanies a summer workshop session application – whether Scholarship or General application. The Open Studio Residency application is submitted online via SlideRoom and General workshop applications are submitted directly to Haystack. 

No, one $50 application fee covers all (one or more) applications to summer workshop sessions.

No, participation in the programs is for the full session.

Haystack is located in Deer Isle, ME, about 250 miles north of Boston. If you are flying, the closest airport is Bangor (BGR). From Bangor it is about a 1 ½ hour drive to Deer Isle. If you give us your flight information we will make arrangements for a cab to pick you up at the airport and deliver you to Haystack. You will be billed for the cab ride at the end of the session. If you come by bus, we can also arrange for a cab to pick you up at one of the bus stations in Bangor. If you are driving here take a look at our Directions page for detailed driving directions.

Haystack’s campus offers a wide range of housing options to make it comfortable and cost-efficient for everyone who attends. All of our cabins are simple, “camp-like” accommodations with electricity and twin beds. We have shared rooms or single rooms, rooms with private bathrooms or rooms near central, shared bathrooms. We have two dormitory cabins that sleep 11 people. We also have one 4-person room with a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Yes. If you apply for a summer workshop and do not get in your name will automatically be placed on the WAIT LIST for that workshop. You will be notified if a space becomes available for you. Even after deadlines have passed, if you would like to add your name to the WAIT LIST for a workshop you may do so by sending in an application and write WAIT LIST on it. All applications should include a credit card number for the $50 application fee. If you are a wait list applicant, your card will not be processed unless you are placed into a workshop. If you have questions, please Contact Haystack.

Currently, academic credit for workshops is offered only through the Maine College of Art and the University of Southern Maine. Arrangements may be made to receive credit at other institutions through MECA or USM.

No. While you may visit other workshops that are taking place on campus while you are attending, you can only be enrolled in one workshop during each session. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you like and oftentimes students wishing to take more than one workshop will stay for multiple sessions.

No, we do not have a formal, commercial gallery. Where we can, we will gladly connect you with galleries that represent artists who have come to Haystack. If you wish to purchase artwork made at Haystack you may do so during one of our session auctions or our summer auction in which works donated by faculty, students, and staff are sold to fund scholarship programs and studio improvements.

While we run special programs in the spring and fall for local high school students as well as for junior high school students state-wide, you must be at least 18 years old to attend a workshop during one of our summer sessions.

Haystack offers tours to the public every Wednesday at 1PM during the summer (June-August). For a small donation, you can attend one of these guided tours through each of the studios to see workshops in progress. Other than the designated tour times the studios are closed to visitors. You may still visit the campus, walk up and down the main deck, visit our store, and get information from our office if you come any other time. We also have evening presentations by faculty and staff scheduled most nights throughout the summer as well as a studio walk-through and auction at the end of each session. To see a complete schedule of our evening programs, auctions, and walk-throughs check out our Summer Evening Program Series listings, which will be updated in the Spring with information about the 2018 season. All evening programs and walk-throughs are free and open to the public.

If a cancellation is received prior to 30 days before a session begins, deposits are refunded, less a $100 cancellation fee. There is no refund if a cancellation is made within 30 days of your session.

The 2018 application cycle begins January 1, 2018.

The deadline for the Open Studio Residency program is March 1, 2018.

For summer workshops, the Scholarship (this includes Technical Assistant, Work Study, and Minority Work Study applicants) application deadline is March 1, 2018.

All General applications are due by April 1, 2018 for priority consideration. Workshop applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis and students may be accepted up until the day courses begin.

Students accepted into our summer programs will be mailed a prep sheet that contains all the basic information you need to know when attending Haystack. It details any items you will need to bring from clothing items to studio supplies/suggestions.

The Haystack store maintains an inventory of supplies basic to most courses. If you require particular or unusual supplies for your work, we advise you to bring these with you, as we are located far from major supply sources. A list of special items to be brought from home will be given to students in workshops that require more than simple basic supplies. The store also has a stock of drugstore items, stationery, selected craft books, clothing, snacks, refreshments, small necessities, and miscellany. There is no artwork for sale in the store.

Haystack does not allow participants to have pets on campus.

Guests are welcome to visit the campus but because of limited facilities, we are unable to accommodate friends and relatives at the school as overnight guests. Space permitting and with advance notice to the kitchen we can occasionally accommodate guests at dinner for a fee. Please check with the office if you would like to have a guest visit for a meal.

No. Internet service on campus is limited. There are two computers in the library with satellite service and while adequate for checking email they are often very slow for surfing or downloading. The library also has wireless access through the same connection for students who bring their own computers. On Island there are also some public wi-fi sites that we can suggest.

Yes, but like internet service, cell service on campus is limited. Some carriers get better reception than others. Use of cell phones is NOT permitted in the studios, cabins, dining hall, or on the decks.

No. While our campus is very secluded and there are no stores within walking distance, many students get by just fine for two weeks without a car. You can get essentials at our school store or easily catch a ride into town with someone who has a car if you need something we don’t have available on campus.

Still have Questions? Please feel free to Contact Haystack. Haystack staff are available M-F, 8:30am – 4:30pm EST to talk with you about your application and materials needed, and to assist you through the application process.