Haystack’s 2018 Summer lineup will be posted early- to mid-December 2017
The application process will begin January 1, 2018

As a reference, see below to review information from this past year’s
2017 season



Haystack’s core summer workshops include one- and two-week sessions in blacksmithing, clay, fibers, glass, graphics, metals, and wood. Classes are open to adults 18 years or older of all skill levels – from beginners to advanced professionals. Studios are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with classes scheduled Monday through Friday. The Haystack community is made up of approximately 85 participants, including staff,
students and internationally
known faculty artists. Instructors
determine the format of their workshops.

If you would like to receive the printed catalog in the mail
and are not already on our mailing list, please Contact Haystack.

Haystack’s past year, 2017, Summer Workshops for reference — the 2018
lineup will be posted on or before January 1, 2018.

by Medium, Faculty, Workshop Title, and Session

Andrew Hayes
Session 1  
Hoss Haley
Session 2  
Book Arts    
Doug Beube
Session 5 (see also Graphics)  
Ann Agee
Session 4  
Pattie Chalmers
Session 5  
Adam Field
Session 6  
Michael Hunt & Naomi Dalglish Session 2  
Roberto Lugo Session 3  
Peter Pincus
Session 1  
Claire Sherman
Session 3 (see also Graphics)  
Tanya Aguiñiga Session 4  
Dee Clements
Session 5 (see also Weaving)  
Jovencio de la Paz Session 6  
Marianne Fairbanks Session 1  
Aaron McIntosh Session 2  
William Adjété Wilson
Session 3 (see also Quiltmaking)  
Stine Bidstrup Session 5  
Alicia Lomné Session 3 (Glass Casting)  
Pablo Soto
Session 6  
Heather Trimlett
Session 6 (Glass Beadmaking – see also Metals)  
Jack Wax
Session 4 (Drawing with Glass)  
Doug Beube Session 5 (see also Book Arts)  
Jocelyn Châteauvert Session 4 (see also Papermaking)
Lauren Fensterstock Session 1
Claire Sherman Session 3 (see also Drawing)
David Wolfe Session 2 (see also Printmaking)  
Matthieu Cheminee Session 2  
Kat Cole Session 5  
Daniel DiCaprio Session 3  
Mi-Sook Hur
Session 4  
Jaydan Moore Session 1
Heather Trimlett Session 6 (see also Glass Beadmaking)  
Mixed Media
Bird Ross Session 6  
Jocelyn Châteauvert
Session 4 (see also Graphics)  
David Wolfe
Session 2 (see also Graphics)  
William Adjété Wilson
Session 3 (see also Fiber)  
Visiting Curator    
Rachael Arauz
Session 3  
Visiting Writer    
Faythe Levine Session 1  
Dee Clements Session 5 (see also Fiber)  
Barbara Cooper
Session 4  
Annie Evelyn Session 2  
Zeke Leonard
Session 1  (Instruments)  
Matthias Pliessnig Session 5  
Dan Webb Session 6  
Kimberly Winkle Session 3  
Anna Moschovakis
Session 6  



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