Haystack’s core summer workshops include one- and two-week sessions in blacksmithing, clay, fibers, glass, graphics, metals, and wood. Classes are open to adults 18 years or older of all skill levels – from beginners to advanced professionals. Studios are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with classes scheduled Monday through Friday. The Haystack community is made up of approximately 85 participants, including staff, students and internationally known faculty artists. Instructors determine the format of their workshops.

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Haystack’s 2016 Summer Workshops:

by Medium, Faculty, Workshop Title, and Session

Lissa Hunter
Session 3
Seth Gould
Session 6
Stephen Yusko & Dan Souto
Session 1
Book Arts
Rebecca Goodale
Session 2
Gerit Grimm
Session 1
Julia Galloway
Session 4
Jason Green
Session 5
Daniel Johnston Session 2
Bai Ming Session 3
Aysha Peltz
Session 6
MaJo Keleshian Session 1
Susie Brandt Session 1
Annet Couwenberg
Session 4
Mo Kelman Session 3 (see also Mixed Media)
Elin Noble Session 2 (see also Dyeing)
Amelia Poole Session 6
Ismini Samanidou Session 5 (see also Weaving)
Dan Friday Session 5
Kristina Logan Session 6 (Glass Beads)
Sean Salstrom
Session 4
Cassandra Straubing
Session 3
Hiromi Takizawa
Session 2
Erin Sweeney Session 4
Susan Webster Session 5 (see also Mixed Media and Printmaking)
Joanna Gollberg Session 5
Julia Harrison Session 4
Kristin Mitsu Shiga Session 2
Damon Thompson
Session 3
Greg Wilbur Session 1
Mixed Media
Arthur Ganson Session 2
Mo Kelman Session 3 (see also Fiber)
Susan Webster Session 5 (see also Graphics and Printmaking)
Jiyoung Chung
Session 6
Aimee Lee
Session 3
Susan Webster
Session 5 (see also Graphics and Mixed Media)
Visiting Artist
Andrea Dezsö
Session 5
Visiting Critic
Larry Blumenfeld
Session 4
Visiting Writers
Lia Purpura Session 1
Elizabeth Spires Session 3
Ismini Samanidou Session 5 (see also Fiber)
Mia Hall
Session 5 (Concrete)
Adam John Manley Session 1
Adam Rogers
Session 6
Tommy Simpson Session 4
Peter Harris
Session 6


Tuition, Room & Board, and Fees

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