Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Craft Thinking: Ideas on Making, Materials, and Creative Process

July 6-10

Haystack’s conferences feature presenters who come from a variety of creative disciplines in art, design, and science. Our focus is on how we think through craft and how creative processes and materials inform the work that we make.

Craft is a place where innovation and tradition, skill and intuition, exist together. Whether makers are growing their own plants to make indigo dye, or programming machines that can assemble themselves, ingenuity and creativity are at the heart of what they do.

The conference is intimate in scale and allows ample time for informal interactions with presenters. Conference presenters give talks and either lead discussion groups or studio workshops--the workshop component provides a hands-on way to explore the conference theme. The workshops and discussions are repeated so that attendees can take part in multiple activities. Registration for these is done each day of the conference.


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