Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Online Auction


For three years Haystack has partnered with eBay Giving Works to bring unique online auction opportunities to purchase artwork made by world-renowned artists who have taught at Haystack and support creativity.

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts just completed its third online auction, which will benefit our scholarship fund--Nearly 25% of our students receive full financial aid--and studio improvements.

Haystack's online auction featured the work of twenty-three artists - All sold


Thanks to all who participated in Haystack's third online auction!


Mark Bell


Cynthia Bringle


Lynn Duryea


Ben Edols

Rebecca Goodale
Gretchen Goss
Haystack (cookies)
Paul Heroux


Ayumi Horie

Karen Karnes


Stuart Kestenbaum


Christy Matson


Alleghany Meadows


Matthew Metz

Chris Nordin
Nance O'Banion

Michelle Plucinsky


Farrell Ruppert


Josh Simpson

Bob Stocksdale





Jack Troy


Which way to Haystack?


Ellen Wieske